Divorces in Union County New Jersey and the Judges Who May Hear Them

Union County Superior Court family part is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The court is one of the more active family law and divorce courts in our state because of the size of the County and of course the population density. Our team handles issues including but not limited to: child custody, parenting time, dissolution of marriages, annulments, child support, alimony, divorce from bed and board, adoptions, mediation, child relocation, college contribution applications, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, motion practice, trials, appeals, domestic violence/restraining order cases, motions for reconsideration, counsel fee applications, pendente lite motions and more. Our goal is to try to solve problems that our clients bring to us. We always strive to resolve issues without having to “fire the missiles” that can do more harm than good in may situations. We represent people throughout the world that have cases in New Jersey.

The Judges in the Union County Family Part are:


Lisa F. Chrystal, P.J.F.P. 10th Floor Tower Barbara Coyle 908-659-4717
John G. Hudak, J.S.C. 5th Floor, New Annex #5A Lillie Taylor 908-659-4780
Elaine Davis, J.S.C. 2nd Floor, Rotunda #203 Latashia Sutton 908-659-4787
Alan G. Lesnewich, J.S.C. 3rd Floor Old Annex #301 Patricia Klastava 908-659-4861
Daniel R. Lindemann, J.S.C. 2nd Floor, Rotunda #201 Nancy Lesiw 908-659-4747
Linda E. Mallozzi, J.S.C. Basement, Rotunda Wendy Spinner 908-659-4801
Theresa E. Mullen, J.S.C. 4th Floor Rotunda Gina Gelsleichter 908-659-4761
Candido Rodriguez Jr., J.S.C. 5th Floor, New Annex #5B Sagrario Javier 908-659-4711
James P. Wilson, J.S.C. 3rd Floor Rotunda #301 Doreen Walker 908-659-4831
Richard Wischusen, J.S.C.
2nd Floor, Rotunda #204 Joyce Matysek 908-659-4701

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