Joint Physical/Shared Custody of Children in Morris County

While Legal Custody is one thing, physical custody is another and one form of custody that people try to have more and more today is Joint Physical or Shared Custody. This type of situation is less common than the more traditional every other weekend parenting time and is unrealistic in many cases. In some matters, if the parties live near each other, communicate effectively, the age and needs of the child are met at both homes, and both parents have been active in the upbringing of the child, then there is a chance that a shared parenting time schedule can work. Some schedules work such as 4 days at Moms, 3 days at Dads or one week with Dad and one week with Mom. Rarely do I believe this is the best situation for children especially as the children mature because the lack of consistency could hurt them emotionally, socially and academically. I am a believer that one home should be the clear primary residence of the child unless clear rules are set out as to how does what for the child. Again, the more specific an agreement is, the better because it will help avoid confusion and avoid court motions and stress.