Morris County Modification Attorney-Child Support, Alimony

Once a court order is issued, whether for child support, child custody, alimony or other related matters, the order can be modified when there is a significant change in circumstances that warrants a change in a court order. The leading case in New Jersey concerning modifications is Lepis v. Lepis. Without being technical, some of the changes that may reason for a change in the order are:

Changes in Income

New Child (Other Dependent Deduction)

Long Term Loss of Income/Employment

Remarriage/Cohabitation (The person receiving alimony)


Best Interests of a Child

Refusal of a Parent to Cooperate/Honor a Joint Custody Agreement


Need for a change in the parenting time schedule because of relocation, job change.

Every case is fact sensitive and needs a full review of the entire situation to determine if it is worth pursuing a change in circumstance (Modification) motion. In order for our team to decide if we would pursue the case we would need to see the order that you seek to alter. From there we will discuss the changes that you believe merits a change in the court order. To schedule an appointment with Santo Artusa, Esq., contact us today on 201-706-7910. If you live outside of Hudson County, a car service may be available for your ride home.