No-Fault and Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Morris County, NJ

New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state meaning that whatever the reason or cause for the filing or obtaining the judgment, it does not factor into how assets are divided or if alimony is awarded. On the other side, when a case is uncontested, that means that all issues have been resolved or that issues that are usually fought over are not at issue in your particular case. Our team represents people in all types of family law cases in Morris County, Hudson, Essex, Union, Middlesex and Bergen. We are able to guide people who have come to the realization that their marriage is over and it is time to move on, no easy feat. The documents required in order to file are:

  1. The Complaint- Alleging the Grounds for Divorce (Irreconcilable Differences, Separation, Extreme Cruelty, Etc), the date of the marriage, if you have children-their names and dates of birth, your address, spouse’s address, what relief you are seeking.
  2. Confidential Litigant Sheet
  3. Affidavit or Certification of Insurance
  4. Non-Collusion Certification under Rule 4:51 (b) (2)
  5. Certification by Attorney and Client under Rule 5:4-2(h)

Upon filing, the Court sends back a docketed complaint which must be served upon your spouse by way of process server and/or an acknowledgement of service in front of a notary public or attorney. If he or she does not waive his or her 35 days to respond, once the 35 days expire, a request to enter default must be entered with proof that your spouse is not in the military. After that, a court date will be given, testimony will be taken and you should be divorced on that day! If you seek more information about divorce cases or these cases in Jersey City Uncontested Divorce or Hudson County Divorce, please visit our site here. 

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